Who Are We?

Edina Professionals is not an ordinary networking group. We don’t pressure our members to make referrals. We don’t ring bells to stop members from talking, and we don’t send money back to the mothership. Our members run the group. We make referrals because we want to. We make referrals because we owe it to our friends and family members to make sure that they get the very best in quality and customer service. We are the leading organization for Edina professional networking.


How Does It Work?

It starts with our weekly meetings, where we take the time to learn about each other’s businesses and the type of referral they are looking for. It continues in member to member conferences, where you get to meet, on a one-on-one basis, with other members of the group to explore how you can help each other. And it culminates with our social / happy hour functions, where members get to know each other on a personal level, building the trust and confidence it takes to refer a friend or family member.

What Are the Charitable Opportunities?

Edina Professionals participates in many charity events throughout the year, including:

Have Questions?

What you get out of being a member of Edina Professionals:

  1. Qualified Business Referrals
  2. Warm Leads
  3. Experienced Leaders in Prospective Fields
  4. Speakers with Up to Date Concepts in Critical Areas and Information
  5. Visibility in your Company and within Edina and Surrounding Communities
  6. Supportive Active Members Invested in Helping to Grow Your Business
  7. Annual Christmas Party

Edina Professionals Are