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Please read our group’s bylaws and then either download our membership form or fill out our digital form below. Annual dues are currently $200, pro-rated for the first year of membership.

We look forward to meeting you!


  1. Attendance: Committed attendance is expected. If a member must miss a meeting, said member must contact either the president or vice-president in advance of the meeting.  Substitutes are encouraged when absences are known in advance and can’t be avoided. Subs are not counted as member absences. Members will sign in each week, and an attendance report will be presented the first meeting after the conclusion of each fiscal quarter.  If a member fails to attend 75% of the previous quarter’s meeting, such member will be on “probation” for the following quarter.  If the same member fails to attend at least 75% of weekly meetings for a second consecutive quarter, said member’s membership shall be revoked.
  2. Multiple Networking Group affiliations will be allowed.
  3. Individual Member Networking will be limited to 60 seconds. From time to time, the president or vice-president may elect to time this portion of our meeting to keep us on track.  NO questions during/after the 60 second spots…save them for after the meeting or schedule a meeting outside of the current Networking event. Be prepared, use the 60 seconds to your advantage.
  4. 10 Minutes presentations will be timed. Moderator is responsible for notifying speaker of time limit.  Questions are permitted after the presentation.  Moderator is responsible for monitoring duration of question period and maintaining a flow to the meeting.
  5. Referral Period. Be brief. It is an ‘I have’ or ‘I like’ time. Take notes during meeting to keep this time precise and concise.
  6. Referral Policy:
    *   When we receive a referral of a potential client before 4pm, we will attempt to connect with that prospect via the form of communication submitted, preferably by phone, to schedule an appointment to meet at a location and time convenient to them.
    *    We will promptly report back to you when we have made contact and what the outcome is of our conversation.  If after 2 attempts, we have not made contact, we will contact you.
    *   We will ONLY mention your name, and whether you are a client, with your permission.
    *   We will ask appropriate questions and offer the best solutions to their current situation.
    *   We will make our conversation enjoyable and worthwhile for them.
    *   We will act with the upmost respect.
    *   We give referrals received the highest priority in service, attention and quality.
    *   We welcome any feedback on how we can improve your expectations of us.


Expectations: (to appear on Membership Application)

  1. Attend at least 75% of weekly meetings (tracked quarterly).
  2. Send a substitute when absent, whenever possible.
  3. Bring referrals and/or visitors to the group.
  4. Build goodwill with other members by meeting individuals outside of weekly meetings.


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